The Power of Authentic Female Leadership

MiLead_frontThe working world has historically been rife with male leaders. It has only been in the last century that women have truly begun to come into our own as business and community leaders. Even then, we’ve achieved success in leadership, in part, by being more like men. This isn’t necessarily because we wanted to do it this way, but because it was expected.

We’re now learning that there are some inherently feminine traits that offer their own unique and important spin on leadership. Ladies shouldn’t sacrifice feminine traits and behaviors so that they can be more like men. These are unique and make you a credible and believable leader. Some of the most important traits in female leaders include:

  • Intuition – Women have an innate sense of when something is right – or wrong. In addition, women, when confident in their leadership ability, are more likely to allow this intuition to guide them. This trait can help women to be more in tune to what goes on in the workplace and picking up on the under current.
  • Compassion – A woman’s compassion is often considered “un” business like. However, compassionate leaders breed loyalty amongst employees. A leader who values her employees for who they are as human beings as well as who they are as employees is likely to develop a very loyal and productive workforce.
  • Balance – Women are better at balancing work and home. Perhaps this is because we are expected to continue to “keep the home fires burning” even while managing a successful career. This ability to balance helps women to successfully manage multiple priorities in the office, as well as at home. Because women are better at managing work and home, they foster that same flexible behavior in their employees too.

These natural feminine qualities make female leaders unique. Too many women have abandoned these qualities in order to fit into a “man’s world”. Remaining true to yourself as a business person and as a woman means embracing these qualities, rather than trying to fit into the mold of a man. As you do so, you become even more appealing as an employer and a leader, because it is obvious that you are confident and comfortable, as a businessperson and as a woman. This authenticity draws others toward you and helps to make you more successful in any pursuit.