Public Workshops

Whether you are an individual that would like to attend a workshop or a company that needs a particular intervention for just a few staff, or would like your people to train with a broader group of business people, our public sessions offer a great alternative to in-house training. We’ve taken some of our most popular programs and offered them in a public setting.

Public programs are also a great opportunity for Training Managers and other HR staff members to try out a workshop to assess its suitability to address a specific business need or to be delivered in-house.

Our programs are designed to support you in a safe and secure environment, whilst challenging you to step outside your comfort zone to try new skills that will lead to greater success.


Upcoming Public Programs:

Date: 19th & 20th February 2015
Program: Mibrand

About this program:
MiBrand is a highly engaging and practical two-day workshop that helps you articulate your aspired professional brand and identify the steps you need to take to build it.

When it comes to building the career you want, it’s not just how hard you work or how skilled you are, it’s your ability to pin point what makes you unique and articulate your point of difference in an impactful way to the right people.

Cost: $1495 + GST for two days (Melbourne)

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Date: 26th & 27th February 2015
Program: MiSuccess

About this program:

MiSuccess is a practical and inspiring 2 day workshop that empowers you to target your professional goals and develop the skills required to achieve them. The program shares the most powerful entrepreneurial strategies and techniques that translate to exceptional performance in a corporate role.

This program will give you the confidence and competence to expand your comfort zone and fulfil your greatest potential. You will learn how to deliver results that exceed expectations and establish you as a valued asset to your team, your customers and your organisation.

Cost: $1495 + GST for two days (Melbourne)

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If you are interested in attending one of these public programs in Sydney, please make an enquiry.