Kellie Smith

Kellie is the Managing Director of Expand People and a Leadership & Professional Development specialist. Kellie has been working with some of the world’s largest organisations over the past 15 years specialising in the areas of leadership development, career development and professional brand. Kellie has also coached many leaders on trust based leadership, emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness.

Kellie spent several years as a member of the leadership team at The Academy, National Australia Bank where she was responsible for building the enterprise wide Career & Development framework, infrastructure and tools along with some long-term running leadership development and career development programs. She is the author of the ebook MiBrand.

Kellie has been described as one of the most influential business leaders, an excellent learning professional, a true capability professional and a rare leader who enables and empowers her people. Click here to read more about ‘what people say’ about Kellie.

Kellie has worked with organisations including Medibank, National Australia Bank, Holden, Qantas, ANZ, Infosys, Exxon Mobile, State Trustees, Australian Conservation Foundation, and Leighton Holdings. She has facilitated training programs across Australia as well as Asia.


Trent Leyshan

As a lead consultant and facilitator Trent combines his unique experiences in business, rigorous research and new insights — with fresh, interactive delivery methods that inspire action and lasting change in behaviour. Early in his career, he was head spruiker and national sales manager at Big Kev’s. Under the guidance of mentor Kevin McQuay (Big Kev) Australia’s most flamboyant TV sales personality, he learned and developed his sales and public speaking skills.

Today, Trent partners with some of Australia’s and the world’s most dynamic and demanding sales and service driven companies. Clients include the National Australia Bank, Symbion Health, American Banknote, CSR, Qantas and Crown Casino, to name a few.

He is the author of The Naked Salesman and Outlaw. A weekly expert writer on SmartCompany for several years, he’s also a sought after keynote speaker and regularly contributor to various media on sales, customer service, professional brand and business performance.